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What saddle to choose for show-jumping ?

Jumping is one of the biggest events in the sport of riding. Many professionals practice this activity, but to succeed in this ordeal they had to invest in much more than a rigorous training. It took then very good equipment, especially a saddle of exception. And selecting a saddle for jumping is a key decision for jockeys.

Be sure of the selection criteria

There is first of all a distinction between jumping from other activities in riding. Indeed, jumping involves trots that require the rider to have a good position on the horse. For this, it should be well seated. To ensure its stability on the horse, you must first choose a saddle that suits the rider's physique. Suitable for the body does not mean a saddle that is strictly adjusted to the body, it is advisable to always favor a larger saddle for more ease. For the shape of the saddle, flat or hollow, everything depends on the inclination of the jockey on the horse so do not fix on a single model but especially on comfort. Then you also have to differentiate between the training saddle and the obstacle saddle by playing the first two criteria, which is shape and comfort. Finally, it is also important to bet on the aesthetics of the saddle, starting with leather work and finishing, and then also see the origin of it. The best thing is to always invest on quality first before betting on a brand.

For a well-adapted saddle

While riding enthusiasts usually invest a fortune on new saddles of great brand such as antares saddles, it is necessary to know that the used saddles are also suitable for show jumping. The practice has shown that a rider must at least practice several times on his new saddle to be adapted but especially to adjust it, and this, a long time before the competition. The best is to opt for a saddle already used so grounded for the occasion, there would be less risk in this case.

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