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Why a starter should choose a used saddle

The stools are the key pieces from equestrian equipment. They are useful and those who want to ride can not do without. Yet there is one point that creates an obstacle for the riders, the price of saddles. This price is very high even for the simplest stool. And for the quality, it would still provide a large sum that is however not accessible to everyone. Also choose used stool is a better alternative. Besides, it's even better to choose a saddle that is second hand for those starting out in horse riding.

Why opt for a used saddle?

At the minute the rider says he needs a saddle, the first question that comes in mind is how much it will cost him. Yet for the beginner, why choose antares saddles used is different. This is especially the lapping that it has already undergone previously. There is more to the experience because it is certainly flexible. And the biggest advantage is probably that there are more surprises in waiting for a second hand saddle because it is already in it's final state. The saddle is already completely ready for use.

How to choose?

At Equitack there is a large selection of different batches of used saddles, which often makes the choice difficult. Also, Equitack offers a short guide for those who are facing this difficulty. Moreever, it is possible to apply for the type of seat you need information on their activity you do: shopping, hiking, learning, competition or jumping. But as the guide, the site has a filter that instantly identifies the individual's needs. To do this, we must first frame the budget that the person can mobilize to purchase the accessory. Then it is useful to frame the discipline practiced by the person. Then you must know what saddle model is that it takes single or double flap. This targeted selection allows to achieve a product that will be most suitable.

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