Horse Riding

What would be a spa for horses ?

The spa has proven case studies and more and more leading riders are using the spa to take care of soundness or to scale back convalescence time / box rest. Insurance companies recognises the spa and know the advantages of hydrotherapy. If your horse is referred by a vet, your insurance firm can pay for treatment.

Why Hydrotherapy Works for Leg Injuries in Horses

Traditionally horses were stood in cold running streams or walked within the sea as an aid to the treatment and prevention of leg problems and, today, cold hosing may be a standard modality for cooling down horses after exercise. Sea water especially with its high salt content has an anti-inflammatory effect which facilitates healing and helps guard against injury. However, the temperature might not normally be sufficiently cold enough to affect the structures most frequently involved in injury.

Equine spa

To properly understand how Equine spa coldness hydrotherapy works we'd like to review how the body reacts to the trauma of strains, cuts and bruises. When soft tissue is injured through a cut, tear or by concussive trauma the body releases enzymes and proteins causing the vessel walls therein vicinity to dilate and become more porous.

Downside of horse inflammation

The downside of inflammation is that it's going to rage out of control and hinder the healing process leading to secondary tissue damage or hypoxic injury, which may compound the matter . additionally , blood vessels within the area are anesthetize increasing pressure by the fluid build-up, thereby slowing down the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid. The safest thanks to break the destructive cycle of storage cell injury and excess swelling is to use the horse's cardiovascular system to comb away excess fluids that have collected within the tissues. While anti-inflammatory agents like but reduce swelling and warmth , they'll also mask pain confusing the diagnostic picture. Also, the utilization of corticosteroids to regulate heat and inflammation may have the disadvantage of shutting down the entire healing process.


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