Horse Riding

What saddle shape is best for you horse?

The saddle is one of the indispensable accessories when practicing horseback riding. It defines itself as indispensable since its role is to offer the control and the security as well as the comfort both to the rider and the equine during the practice. There are several types of seat suitable for several types of needs. In this context, it will be necessary to choose it according to your needs.

The shape of the saddle: first criterion

The shape of the saddle is the first criterion of importance to take into account when choosing. In this context, not all forms of saddle will necessarily fit the discipline you practice. In order to find the best shape, do not stop at the ready-made ideas that flat stools are better or worse than others. Indeed, people with ideas received and all made of the saddle will encounter many problems along the way.

In this context, the shape of the saddle must be chosen according to the physics of the rider and the horse. We also talk about criteria such as the positioning and length of the stirrups when choosing the saddle. In this frame, the longer you put on, the more the position will be vertical, so the saddle should wear the rider entirely. The more short you wear, the more you will have to adopt the direction of walking so bet on a seat plate. It is, moreover, the blatant difference between a racing saddle and a saddle of dressage.

Other criteria?

In addition to the shape of the saddle, other criteria add to the difficulty of choosing the saddle. There is the size of the saddle. It is a criterion of importance just after the shape of the saddle. Indeed, when you choose your french used saddles, think about not buying a product too fair to the horse or even too small. The thought that large stool models are uncomfortable is false. Moreover, a saddle with a large size is much more advantageous for the horse in terms of comfort. more here :


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