Horse Riding

Top horse riding equipment

It's essential to choose the correct fundamental equipment when you're going for a ride, the significant safety equipment that will safeguard you should an accident happen. Equestrian sports sometimes require hazards, but we can do a lot to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Learning to manage and comprehend the horse is one thing and it is another to choose the correct protective devices.


We start at body nearest. In fact, choosing the correct underwear can help improve the riding session. For females, having a good sports bra is essential, this removes the burden from both the bust and the spine. Briefs and underpants should preferably have no seams when sitting in the saddle that can rub against you.

Upper body

When riding or working in the stables, it's simple to get hot. That's why you should choose to wear some kind of functional clothing closest to your body so that moisture is removed and you don't get cold. Also, the jumper or jacket you wear should be able to wick moisture to keep you warm and dry. It is nice to have smooth and close-fitting clothes as it is not suggested to have big and loose clothes because you become clumsy in these clothes and it is more difficult for your teacher to see how you actually sit. It's useful for coats fitted with hoods if they can be readily removed as hoods can cause accidents if they get stuck in branches, for instance when you're out on a trip.

Breeches and chaps for riding

Riding breeches fit well, lower the likelihood of blisters and can also assist you to sit better and have more flexibility in the saddle depending on the material. There are also used saddles for sale as an additional equipment for your horse. Riding breeches are a bit tighter to avoid unnecessary creases that could lead to blisters. Also, the seams on riding breeches are positioned where they are not going to cause trouble. Riding breeches can be produced from different fabrics–frequently used are cotton, polyester, micro polyamide and elastane.


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