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Horses in Halton

The Horses riding school in Halton that has just opened its doors, welcomes the riders in an exceptional frame all year round. The Horses riding school in Halton benefits from green and vast spaces. This nice club welcomes around thirty horses and ponies on about fifteen hectares. The riding school offers  learning and an improvement of the classic riding (training, obstacle, crosses, hunter and outsides) with attention to the welfare of equines.
From 5 to 77 years, of the leisure in the competition, each can come to live his passion and to practise the riding according to its desires, in a family and warm atmosphere. The installations allow to propose to the riders of the varied activities, and it is true in all weathers.

The Horses riding school in Halton and its activities

The Horses riding school in Halton proposes you numerous activities:

- Riders' seeds: discovery of the riding for the children from 5 to 7 years old
- Collective or particular lessons
- Lessons only CSO or training
- Training courses with theme on Sundays and during the school holidays
- Passage of the federal examinations (gallop)
- Birthdays
- Discovery Trail pony
- Baptisms to pony

The Horses riding school in Halton and training of the riders and the horses, and its installations

The Horses riding school in Halton proposes you:

- The Indoor school, and semi-enclosed, good variables size, with a soft floor surface sand, which serves as a work and training in all disciplines.
- Unhedged career, but closed with a soft floor, which serves as a work and training.
- Cross course: Course consists of fixed cross obstacles, one of the three tests of eventing.

Come to get fresh ideas fast to the Riding school Horses in Halton.

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